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A Tax Agent in the UAE is a registered and authorized individual listed in the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) register of Tax Agents. They can be appointed by businesses or individuals (Taxable Persons) to represent and support them in meeting their tax obligations and exercising their tax rights. Tax agents undergo approval processes and qualification requirements and are bound by a duty of confidentiality for the information obtained during their tasks.

At Falak Business Consultants (FBC), our team of specialized professionals offers comprehensive tax-related services to ensure compliance with the FTA regulations. We assist taxable individuals and businesses in fulfilling their tax obligations and facilitate effective communication with the FTA. Additionally, we provide tax compliance support for non-resident businesses, handling their tax obligations in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. With our expertise and experience, we strive to deliver reliable and efficient tax services to meet the specific needs of our clients.

What is a tax agency service?

Tax Agency Service refers to the assistance provided by a registered Tax Agent on behalf of businesses or individuals (Taxable Persons) to fulfill their tax obligations and rights as mandated by the tax authorities. A Tax Agent acts as a representative for the Taxable Person, liaising with the tax authority and carrying out various tax-related tasks on their behalf.

Tax Agency Service is crucial for businesses and individuals to navigate the complex tax landscape and ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. By engaging the services of a registered Tax Agent, Taxable Persons can benefit from professional expertise, minimize errors, maintain proper records, and effectively manage their tax obligations.

What do tax agency services entail?

The scope of Tax Agency Services can vary but commonly includes:

1.   Tax Registration
2.   Tax Compliance
3.   Communication with Tax Authority
4.   Tax Advisory and Planning
5.   Representation during Audits

What are the benefits of outsourcing tax agency services?

Outsourcing tax agency services can offer several benefits to businesses and individuals:

1.   Expertise and Knowledge
2.   Time and Resource Savings
3.   Compliance and Accuracy
4.   Cost Efficiency
5.   Risk Management
6.   Advisory and Planning
7.   Peace of Mind

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