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TAX Agency Services in Dubai

A Tax Agent is a person registered and authorized by the Federal Tax Authorities (FTA) in the UAE and listed in the FTA register of Tax Agents, who can be appointed on behalf of businesses or individuals (Taxable Persons) to represent and assist them in the fulfillment of their tax obligations and exercise their associated tax rights.

To be approved by the authorities, tax agents must go through a number of approvals and qualification requirements. In addition, he has a fiduciary duty to maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained during performing his tasks.

FBC has specialized professionals who will help with tax related services, ensuring that you are compliant with all regulations of the FTA. We assist taxable people with their tax obligations and communication with the Federal Tax Authority. We also represent non-resident businesses and take care of their tax compliance and obligations.

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You can book your appointment by just dialing or sending a WhatsApp message to +971 52 302 7682

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You will be assigned to a respected consultant based on your requirements. Our skilled experts will then get in touch with you for consultation.

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If all of the necessary facts and documentation are provided during the consultation, our professionals will complete the work in the shortest period feasible.

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