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Internal audits evaluate a company’s internal controls, including its corporate governance and accounting processes. These audits ensure compliance with laws and regulations and help to maintain accurate and timely financial reporting and data collection.

An internal audit offers risk management and evaluates the effectiveness of a company’s internal controls, corporate governance, and accounting processes.
Internal audits play a critical role in a company’s operations and corporate governance, especially now that the managers are legally responsible for the accuracy of their company's financial statements.

FBC offers the best internal auditor team in the UAE to deliver efferent internal auditing knowledge, expertise, and skills that allow them to effectively manage any business auditing process. Business models are always changing day by day, as they now include aspects such as strategic diversification, partnering arrangements, and joint ventures.

In order to handle all these factors efficiently, we provide specialized internal auditors who are familiar with today’s business strategy and business landscape and maintain clear communication.

In addition to this, FBC also ensures a company is complying with laws and regulations. Internal audits also provide a degree of risk management and safeguard against potential fraud, waste, or abuse. The results of internal audits provide management with suggestions for improvements to current processes that are not functioning as intended, which may include information technology systems as well as supply-chain management.

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