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External audit, also known as statutory financial audit, involves verifying the accuracy of an organization's financial statements and assessing its financial position. It ensures that the financial statements are prepared in compliance with applicable laws and accounting standards, promoting transparency and accuracy. Regular external audits are conducted to maintain the integrity of financial records. External auditors perform their services based on International Standards on Auditing (ISA), local audit standards, and relevant laws and regulations.

At FBC, we provide External Auditing services tailored to our clients' needs, following policies and procedures that ensure the delivery of high-quality services. FBC is an authorized Accounting firm in the UAE, offering reliable external auditing services with a focus on maintaining the highest standards. Auditing services are essential for businesses and entrepreneurs as they enable monitoring of business performance, provide comprehensive reports, ensure compliance with regulations, and save valuable time and resources.

What are External Auditing Services?

External auditing services refer to the independent examination and assessment of an organization's financial statements and financial records by an external auditor. The purpose of external auditing is to provide assurance to stakeholders that the financial statements present a true and fair view of the organization's financial position and performance.

External auditing services provide an independent and objective assessment of an organization's financial statements, risk management, and compliance. The services contribute to ensuring transparency, reliability, and credibility of financial information, instilling confidence among stakeholders, and facilitating informed decision-making.

What do external auditing services entail?

External auditing services typically include the following:
1.   Financial Statement Audit
2.   Risk Assessment
3.   Compliance Audit
4.   Testing and Verification
5.   Audit Opinion
6.   Reporting

What are the benefits of outsourcing external auditing services?

Outsourcing external auditing services allows organizations to benefit from expert knowledge, independent assessment, cost-effectiveness, resource optimization, scalability, enhanced compliance, and stakeholder confidence. It ensures a thorough and credible audit, supporting transparency, risk management, and financial integrity.

Outsourcing external auditing services offers several benefits to organizations, such as:
1.   Expertise and Specialized Knowledge
2.   Independence and Objectivity
3.   Cost-Effectiveness
4.   Resource Optimization
5.   Scalability and Flexibility
6.   Enhanced Compliance and Risk Management
7.   Credibility and Stakeholder Confidence
8.   Access to Advanced Tools and Technology

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